What resources do I need for Essentials?


Essentials of the English Language (EEL)

Comprehensive guide to grammar.  You will need to copy the Gear section for each of your students and place it in their own binder, ready for their Essentials Class.

Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW)

One teacher guide per family, one student work book per student.

Cycle 1 – Ancient History


Strongly Recommended

Institute of Excellence Teaching Writing Structure and Style: Binder.

We will be meeting monthly to watch the IEW DVD’s together, and it will really help you to have the binder to take notes and follow along.  If you are unable to make the monthly IEW watching times, please purchase the DVD’s.


Helpful to Have

Institute of Excellence Teaching Writing Structure and Style: Binder and CD set.

Trivium Table: English

Trivium table: English Grammar

Trivium table: Quid et Quo

Tables, Squares & Cubes


Parent Resources

Please see:  Classicalconversationsbooks – parent resources.


Some of the parent resources are available in our CCVic Library!