What are Classical Conversations Kids Doing?




Some students want to push themselves to master the material we have covered throughout our year.  Here are the 2017 Memory Masters.  They successfully recited the entire content of the years work three times!  We are very proud of their desire to excel, but we celebrate all out students hard work.  Memory Master is an entirely optional part of the Classical Conversations year.

MM Students 2017

Essentials: The Research Paper!

Learning to write an excellent research paper without tears is a feat for any student!  Using IEW’s sensible approach to writing, our Essentials students successfully completed a research paper, along with about 10 other paragraphs and essays that they share with their classmates.

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As a group, memorizing math is fun!  It can be very exciting to see who can build The Associative Laws for multiplication and division first or who can finish the times tables the quickest.

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Making art together, in the style of the artist studied.  When this is done as a group, interesting things can happen.  Here, our group made a spontaneous mural!

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