Weekly updates – Cycle 3!

Week 5

Geography Poem:

Week 5 Geography ‘Silly Story about Baffin the Duck’

Baffin the Bay duck was gobbled by a FOXE in a Basin

while paddling towards Hudson’s Bay!

That feisty fox was sunk to the lowest

by the Baffin’s bobbing and bashing

dropping down into James Bay!

His tummy was wobbling with all of the waddling

until he spilled into the Gulf of St. Lawrence

where he got sick to his stomach and discovered

the baffin who flew off to see the Bay of FundyN. Kong


Link: http://www.shinebritezamorano.com/2013/12/sunset-skies.html?m=1


SCIENCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUZvCpniK2I&t=4s