Cycle 3 – Canada!

So excited to be exploring Canadian History, Geography and Art together again with our Classical Conversations Community. When I was Directing Cycle 3 I developed some art lessons to go along with the Canada theme. They are listed below. It is my sincere hope they are a blessing to you.

Canadian Artists.

Want to create the next Mark Zuckerberg?

I get a lot of flack for expecting my children to learn Latin. Motivating my son is an on-going mountain to climb too, so when a colleague commented that Mark Zuckerberg learned Latin I went hunting for the amo! Not only did I find suitable ammunition for my son, but also for my extended family that harangue me about our educational methods. This is an excellent article about the demise of excellence in education.

The Spectator: Want to create the next Mark Zuckerberg? Teach Latin!

TicTok the Time Killer

At a girls group meeting last year I was faced with a teen that kept looking at her phone every break. Laughing and very introverted. “What is she doing” I inquired of my own teen?” “TicTok”, was the reply. This began a conversation about time.

When faced with the concept of TicTok I felt a revulsion that was knee-jerk. I have tried to formulate exactly what about this online social networking app repulsed me but came up short. This article by thinker and writer Joshua Gibbs helped me formulate my feeling into actionable words. TicTok is a time killer and that is not honourable, good or virtuous.

Classical Conversations Communities on Vancouver Island

There are now four Classical Conversations Communities on Vancouver Island!

Christian home education is enriched with community. Come and find us at: Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo, Langford and Greater Victoria.

You can find out how to contact them here:

The Meaning of Memory

Written by a first year Classical Conversations Victoria mother:

Cool little story I wanted to share.

 I was at the park today  with my 5 year old and I was reading him the history of the park engraved on a rock there. He recognized the date 1859 and excitedly reminded me of his memory work and was able to relate that date with the age of Imperialism, British rule of India, and Queen Victoria! 

 This little moment really encouraged me that he will be able to relate more and more things in his own life & community to the bigger picture of history as he grows and learns! And that teaching a world history timeline to a 5 year old isn’t pointless. Go CC!”