Cycle 1 – No need to re-invent the Cycle!

There are loads of wonderful resources available.  BUT!  Keep it stick in the sand.  Simple is more.  More memory, more longevity and more fun for everyone.  The simple approach is truly beautiful and timeless.

As a Mom with a Senior Masters class this year, we are going to do some digging!

The CC Connected area of the website has loads of free parent learning resources.  Scroll to the base of the page, choose the compass, third bar over is CC Connected.

A yearly subscription to the Learning Forum is a wonderful way to acess many learning tools for your family.  You can always pay for one month and try it, downloading favorites and then only purchasing it again as needed.

One of my favorite on-line resources is a wonderful CC Mama at Half-a-Hundred Acre Woods:

There are many more, but these two are some of the best!


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